Hello I’m Casey L. Murchison

I attended the dental laboratory technology program at Rose State College from 1983 – 1985. I was a member of the Moore-Norman Dental Laboratory Program Advisory Board for many years and am a former Adjunct Instructor at Moore-Norman’s Dental Laboratory Program.  I am also is a PAC member for the dental assisting program at Platt College and an associate member of the Oklahoma Dental Association.


My extensive career includes working as a dental lab technician in small, medium, and large labs, and as an “in-house” technician, including working as a Technical Specialist for a large group practice, teaching and advising dental teams on dental lab related best practices.  I have also managed departments within the dental laboratory, performed dental and CAD/CAM sales, been a dental laboratory owner, and invented products for the dental industry.  Throughout my career I have attended a wide variety of dental courses and seminars and am an avid learner about all things related to dental laboratory practices.


I am passionate about improving dental office/dental laboratory communications, from improving the techniques used in taking impressions and digital oral scans to improving the dentist-technician communication, which promotes confidence for the dental team and increases consistency, so the lab produces a higher quality dental restoration, with fewer remakes.  The end result - success for the entire team and satisfied patients.




Casey L. Murchison