Laboratory Logic Can Help You Maximize The Value of your CAD/CAM System and Build Better Lab Relationships

From in-office dental team training and consulting to in-office technical expertise, using your current CAD/CAM system, Laboratory Logic can help your team improve dental / laboratory communications, improving the aesthetics of your restorations, cutting down on re-makes, and increasing profitability.

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Half Day Technical

Maximize the use of your CAD/CAM system by using my expertise making crowns in your office for faster turn-around, and happier patients!

Full Day Technical

With a full day of my technical expertise we can create multiple crowns in a day, right in your office, creating beautiful lifelike crowns & satisfied patients!

In-Office Team Training

We can train multiple team members in the art of material selection, staining and glazing, and help your team give your crowns a lab quality look. Call today for available courses.  All Courses qualify for Continuing Education Category B.

Dental Office Consulting

Consultation & case planning, and learning effective laboratory communication leads to better quality restorations from your lab and on-time delivery, which equates to happier patients!

Dental Laboratory Consulting

Continual training, implementing systems and procedures for better lab operations, streamlining case management, and effective marketing will help elevate your lab to a new level of excellence!

3shape TRIOS® Training

Certified Independent TRIOS Trainer

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Casey L. Murchison